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" a servant walked meet up respectfully watching Lin Feng: "Yes Miss Tian Qinger quarrel with some mercenaries up " Lin Feng frowned slightly cheap christian louboutin shoes among the fields and gardens Seiji is a group of three five crude mercenary bitter quarrel something " Lin Feng went sullenly I heard someone you want to cry blood mercenary group gave put? ; " at a height of two meters away full of Han lowered his voice though the sound is very light but it still felt Lin Feng which wroth this is what I mean " Lin Feng indifferent opening: "I've been told Tian Seiji do ; what I am arguing here those who can not put ah they killed and injured so many of our brothers and if so put them brothers also unconvinced " opening this bruiser immediately exclaimed: "Can not put them What are you questioning my orders ; " Lin Feng lips suddenly emerge out of a faint smile: "Take my word heeded is it? " bruiser opening cried we are not satisfied " mercenaries around followed by booing Lin Feng slightly squinted ; his deep felt it was not as simple as murder just died about thirty people hurt but seven hundred come actually rise to endless immortality point " Lin Feng slightly narrowed his eyes ; the first idea is to Fu Tian Seiji trouble with Sirius ready but think there is impossible Fu Sirius still not stupid enough to do such a thing degree "It seems that some men Sirius Fu restless ah " Lin Feng to be sure ; I am afraid that this child is secretly made their move I'm afraid the big man is also being given irrigation ** drugs silly Baji it cropped up "refuses to accept it? an outbreak of terrorist forces brazenly open to spot the big man seemed to artillery bombardment generally a tree ; the whole tree broken down the middle "the mercenary group does not allow any dissatisfied voices questioning my orders is to question my own existence you all recall prehistoric mercenary group I do not need discordant voices again tomorrow prehistoric selection of new members to join the mercenary group ; "Lin Feng cold open road we are no longer afraid of " These mercenaries suddenly felt a sincere fear weekdays Lin Feng is fairly mild but now manifested let them feel a cold oozed from the bones chill do not blame me bluntly in ; " Lin Feng their eyes shine with aweinspiring light the booing of mercenaries face Christian Louboutin Outlet everyone knows that the welfare prehistoric mercenary group as well as profound grudge Cheats can practice the rest of the preparatory group Lin Feng is sharpened to fall in ; Even they themselves are proud Lin Feng sentence completely deprived of their status can only watch others from holding high welfare field Seiji smiled quietly in front of the scene ; with her indeed the indispensable relationship you can probably draw some of their own forces in the "Give me back to arrange some guard " Lin Feng cold dropped a word he returned to the den ; he personally came to Sirius Fu Lin Feng mansion honest mistake this child does not have any relationship with Fu Sirius Sirius said it is also among the men to Tian Fu Seiji's growing with some small means only but also leveraging Seiji force field ; which in turn weighed about Fu Sirius this is not very concerned about the infighting Lin Feng this benign battle does not wear down their bodies but will let organizations towards the positive side of the development 098 Chapter Eight Wu Sheng (one more)a little bit of time goes forward ; night birds began to appear city of some mercenaries these mercenaries are obviously from some groups but they can not cry blood mercenary group like that mess mainly Lin Feng showed a strong enough strength let go of dripping blood mercenary group is a good ad that these mercenary group came to the city of night birds are neatly ; let Lin Feng quite a bit surprised that this actually also get a lot of merit points said the United States is actually the name of maintaining its urban security when urban management unit became a brother? " is still among the study Tian Lin Feng looked somber Seiji: "This time to a total of eight mercenary group ; dripping blood into a civil strife among the mercenary group pumping Empty children not to ""said the focus is good " Lin Feng rolled his eyes: "? ""Wu Sheng total of eight products ; it's just clear surface forces estimated that more people will secretly " Tian Seiji brow twisted road "The number really is a lot ah contrast our forces is simply a residue ah ; " Lin Feng haha € chuckle " Tian Seiji bitter contempt glance Lin Feng Wu Sheng product of three that is not cabbage and you can also kill a man a king a strong level of Timorclass strong who ; these mercenary group is you can add up to clean up "field Seiji secretly tucao Lin Feng is not care you do not say how the three kingdoms will send you did not see their shadows ""Wei worship hall has been dispatched ; they're not mercenaries do not need so many people it is only a dozen people according to our reliable intelligence that they now have access to a natural moat mountains " field Seiji took a breath ; watching Lin Feng said: "I guess will you worship Wei unfavorable " Lin Feng Staveley: "I provoke them? ""Wei big name is Mu Qing worship he had a brother named Pervez ; " field Seiji did not go on but the meaning is clear I'd like to know how they bother me their eyes exudes a touch of chilling cold we need to find the dragon egg it? ; "cheap louboutin shoes Fu Sirius hesitation asked " Lin Feng sneer: "This is a very good training opportunity if we do not seize this good opportunity it would be too sorry we ourselves I went to get ready ; " Fu Sirius does not hesitate " Lin Feng Fu Sirius stopped picked him from Zhuo Feng Grilled threw down the Ares armor Fu Sirius a light opening: "This is the peak body Zhuo Ares armor you take Lian Ji look good ; you should be able to assist you a lot "fighting mad gas and vindictive elements are not vindictive but also to imagine another place Ares armor in Fu Sirius broke out of the hands can be quite powerful power eight mercenary group came to the night birds opt for the city ; then head of the mercenary group of eight while giving Lin Feng issued an invitation " Lin Feng looked at the hands of the invitation lips with a faint smile "What is the Banquet? 'side of the field Seiji strange asked Nothing" Lin Feng smiling ; eye actually emerge out of the cold touch of coldness: "Seiji you said if I direct to kill them all would be a pair of what kind of scene it? "field Seiji pupil contraction slightly up suddenly realized that Lin Feng no longer had that kid into the Magnolia City feather ; even compared to the original Huang Ming also Henla third it's not impossible they all died for us and did not lose anything but you can also put your reputation break out " Tian Seiji serious thinking for a moment ; nodded and said: "So hands Okay very casual opening: " Okay Yilaomailao not want a bunch of old bastard "drunk fragrant floor the entire floor have been drunk fragrant bag down in the attic floor ; drunk fragrant eight people were sitting chatting eight individuals or together waiting for the arrival of Lin Feng drunk incense into the floor and no one to block on the night of featherthirds of the acres of city land ; Lin Feng just fine so to speak and to which no one dare not neglect just let a few dinner Lin Lin on the site all of a sudden came the Lin Feng hearty voice eight people opt to stand up ; his eyes tightly locked door that shadows eight eyes like a knife like a sword as if Lin Feng want to cut into countless fragments in general eight Wu Sheng shouted a product release momentum really is like a tsunami ; for the average person but it shares the momentum is enough to let him scared scared to death on the spot evoke Lin Feng lips slightly as if one pines in general ; stand does not move do not release their own momentum I'm not moving from majestic it really is a hero of Youth the head of the forest in this age can achieve such a state ; I'm afraid Advanced to order just around the corner " one middleaged man recovered his momentum pioneered Lin Feng directed at a slight chuckle: " next " Lin Feng is still calm and stand still while Lin Feng saw the momentum against seven people while everyone's eyes could not help but emerge out of touch surprised ; but very good control his own emotions "do not know that you came to me Why? " Lin Feng came to the dinner table smiling eight people to sit down and stare at a touch of open road then we will not beat about the bush with you it is a darkheaded dragon dragon eggs to natural moat mountains ; we intend to organize into a temporary alliance to natural moat mountains found a twoheaded dragon of darkness can not get their luck elsewhere Egg How? "(pull me into the water? ) Lin Feng smiled and said:? ; "This proposal is very good too what we call cooperation when it is considered abort it ""find the darkheaded dragon that moment to start " Don just slowly opening: "What do you think? " Lin Feng eyes fell on the rest of the people ; so it was very good " Lin Feng very embarrassed rubbed his palm and said: "Well "presence of all the old fox who would not believe the promises of others I'm afraid that the people can not wait for the other to die early ; and so saw the darkheaded dragon did not see give you secretly under the knife just watch Lin Feng position promise you is one thing children still with your hands back down training ; are not ordinary ah Tang Gang eye emerges out of the cold touch of aweinspiring Section 099 Chapter departure Wu Sheng meteorite body (two more)eight Wu Sheng actually have a horse of their own eight people from start to finish is not even a horse ; there is still a onearmed martial Paladin with a large eagle with this man to imitate John Steinbeck Lin Feng explicit comparison shabby but riding a white horse only can be considered a good variety ; but with eight Wu Sheng come together this horse calf always trembled the conversion of a certain Pegasus back to " Lin Feng heart uttered flow is also apparent is divided into nine shares ; we rarely talk to each other and occasionally also a whispered conversation the camp was very clear Lin Feng hundred percent sure before yourself these mercenary groups secretly have a tacit agreement but even in understanding They are also wary of each other ; crazy enough to make a good thing ah tens of thousands of people in the quiet of the forest through which the occasional sound of birds and some insects natural moat mountains belong here or outlying areas nor how horrible fighting beast appeared a product of nine holy open arms and feel amazing sense of momentum ; how dare the general Jungle near? this is just the beginning when the gradual deepening of natural moat mountains some terrorist attacks began fighting beast mercenary group the mercenary group can be considered the major battle of the division ; but the face of Warcraft are waging attacks but the number is one kind of visible speed fast disappearing with primitive Lin Feng Fortunately some of the mercenary group Jinlin impart unique war at the most critical time of the most significant protect their lives ; although some casualties prehistoric mercenary group internal natural moat mountains Jungle level is more intense even tough there will be some strength Warcraft Warcraft face that innate magic ; even though prehistoric mercenary group inevitably start a loss Lin Feng beat smashesapes Chixue will give a whole body shot homeopathic kick to a white leopard kicked in the sky waiting for it to do free fall movement Jungle Hao Hao Warcraft ; Wu Sheng is a product of nothing unless it is experiencing the same order Jungle otherwise they are in a natural moat mountains invincible casualties getting bigger " Fu Lin Feng standing beside Sirius ; frowning: "The just do not know how deep into the still left? bigger their losses"Lin Feng sighed softly: "There will have to pay the harvest the rest of the people watching it live if we can leave the natural moat mountains their combat effectiveness will multiply enhance geometrically ; which is to preserve as much as possible of their lives "Fu Sirius opened his mouth although reluctant to see these mercenaries were killed but reason tells him it is necessary but it is not know what to say ; only nodded: "I understand in his opinion Fu Sirius everything is good very sense of obligation and he can be used as a small group of leaders but ultimately can not become a party leadership forces ; such people most easy emotional readily removed the Tears of Blood Gunslinger Lin Feng hands gently flick a burst of countless ghost Guns N 'Roses one only Jungle constantly down in front of Lin Feng ; the slightest if the blood is subjected to a wave of Traction inexplicable forces continued into the general Tears of Blood Gunslinger them leaving only one with a mummy constantly learn from the creatures of blood Tears of Blood Gunslinger concise evil spirits up a little bit give it some time if the intake of enough evil spirits ; the Tears of Blood Gunslinger there will be fierce spirit soldiers intended to kill amazing a sudden roar echoed through the forest which followed by a huge figure appeared in front of everybody ; exclaimed identity only broke the Jungle this is a long with three heads six arms outsider like Rebels seemingly superhuman monkey will come forward superhuman combat ape or extremely alarming ; just came to the mercenary group which is a crazy culling this superhuman ape apparently has reached maturity its strength is comparable to a product Wu Sheng Lin Feng Lin was with Kim stayed in the moat mountains while also encountered such a superhuman ape this monkey attack is extremely powerful ; and each represents a unique heads are vindictive attributes flesh defense more is extremely tyrannical is also a product of Wu Sheng human beings are not to take advantage this is only relative similar to this metamorphosis Lin Feng ; superhuman strength flesh than apes but also tough Lin Feng to pack superhuman ape is actually very easy Lin Feng stood smiling watching the superhuman raging ape Among mercenary group as long as not to endanger their own mercenary group to another mercenary group all hung up and how? ; superhuman ape got crowd six arms like a windmill spinning wheels generally fast sweeping fist place a mercenary smashed into patties walking in front of a team of mercenaries ; were slaughtered on the spot clean then a silhouette sky shot the eagle is riding a onearmed man this man's name is called if a segment a product peak Wu Sheng repair ; grasping his left hand but it is a blue light exudes quiet epee but the outbreak is raging Melaleuca Jianying straight superhuman shrouded from apes sword before the arrival ; a trace of terror Jian Qi superhuman ape who would wreak havoc in open superhuman ape defense amazing horror if a segment does not make superhuman quanliyiji ape injured but it is crazy pixia such as mountain like Yue ; Lin Feng could not help but slightly bright eyes was secretly wonder christian louboutin outlet online as I'm afraid this is if a product has reached the pinnacle of Wu Sheng reach ground level is only a matter of time superhuman ape suddenly broke out between the roar then a bucketlike stout arm violently hit the fist hit that moment ; the whole arm is like a balloon inflated intense one arm than it actually themselves but also enormous "times of the surgery which is a World of Warcraft superhuman magic ape ; " Fu Sirius blankly watching the scene meat and eggs chariot ah " Lin Feng watching the scene epee fiercely collide together and instantly burst out of the power of terror repeat itself? ; But when the two collide together fiercely attacked when the segment into the hands of the epee compared to the tank also stout fist in the segment if the bombers into the body only to hear the roar as if the body section of the loud bang bang body bones came a sound like popcorn ; is like a cake generally hit a tree on the face of this attack the body's bones but it was completely crushed " Lin Feng right hand over his forehead seems to bear to the immediate scene in general a sufficient span of a product across the Heaven Wu Sheng so fallen in front of himself ; change0100 Chapter status ape superhuman strength so that everyone was shocked no one came to the destination of a product Wu Sheng has hung up the rest of the people although the strength to ask ourselves is good ; but do not think they have the ability to deal with a superhuman ape "If true that segment Biao ah " evaluation of Lin Feng does not care "If there is no segment into then his men will be no Shendiao mercenary group owner ; we are not trying to " has been protected Tian Seiji softly began that was a good idea " Lin Feng nodded slightly: "be resolved only superhuman ape to say it the rest of the seven holy weapons aside while fighting his own beast ; coincidentally toward superhuman magic ape rushed up no one can beat the superhuman breath magic ape but if the words together a stout superhuman magic ape Bigfoot severely trampled on the ground accompanied by a rumbling noise ; followed by countless walls rising fast followed by a shock wave of terror fiercely vindictive The bombardment onto walls only the entire wall to explode numerous gravel but did not hurt to superhuman magic ape superhuman magic ape suddenly broke out between the roar ; followed by intense body swelled had only four or five meters high superhuman magic ape in this moment we have a full ten meters away body hair grim horror horror pressure shrouded in everyone's heart ; looking at the scene seven of Wu Sheng shouted gulped his eyes deep horror emerges out of touch not to mention such a superhuman magic ape their seven even if they can not do nothing It is ; do not know who cried violently but at this time a figure rapidly through the void a color of light is like a meteor across the void generally rapid a bloody spear fiercely throughout the superhuman ape heart lost one will not die ; superhuman apes also have to hang up Tears of Blood Gunslinger suddenly broke out among countless bloody tentacles got into the heart of superhuman ape among large stocks of blood Zizi superhuman magic ape wound down into the Tears of Blood Gunslinger among moment Tears of Blood Gunslinger carnage masterpiece superhuman ape turned into a little bit of dust in the sky dissipate in the air ; just magic or superhuman mighty ape and it was to play the game in general Lin Feng spike Dawu have thrown up an unreal feeling (No wonder you can kill Zhuo Feng this kid's strength really is unfathomable ah ; )Don hearts just thrown a deep horror but actually the eye immediately with a touch of deep fear so even try to steal the dragon eggs? " Lin Feng eye emerges out of touch deep disdain superhuman combat ape has been so tough ; for a more powerful Maronite in turn is how combat terror? Lin Feng himself is not worried a bit his hands still gossip flag it congenital gossip just a trick enough ; cleared the stage of Warcraft many mercenary group around shed some drugs these things are made with dragon dung with the volatilization of some drugs you can let them breath doubled released ; the general feel of Warcraft dragon breath is absolutely nothing to find the thing's not over really did not think you really are deep does not leak even with such a good hand gun not a superhuman magic ape your opponent " Don just smiling toward Lin Feng came ; " Lin Feng did not in any mood but speckled around the dragon dung Also let the smell around becomes more rich Lin Feng felt around stinking toilet fragrant than here Don just slightly changing a little look ; there is not a ride a ride to chat with Lin Feng Lin Feng want cliches from the mouth old thing you tired of not bothersome " Lin Feng finally could not button up and shouted: "I think from here cliches believe it or not I Chuosi you ; "Tanggang Gang Gang still smiling face suddenly Dayton ended and a purple rose purple face as if eating flies in general how just such a group of bastards tour yet " criticize Lin Feng Lie Lie walked toward their mercenary group ; Tang Gang Green burst of white face hair seems to be down to put up since a product of their own achievements since Wu Sheng in the end so many years no one dared to talk to yourself? do not talk with them? ; " Lin Feng Tian Seiji came around opening inquired "Oh"field Seiji smiles tenderly cry: "They are not for me to run for refuge we obediently then start with the good but these people want to go back after I manage I do not think when men are not a soldier ; " Lin Feng does not care for the open road "you rebel you afraid of me? " Tian Seiji suddenly asked If you dare to betray my thing I assure you absolutely can not live ; " Lin Feng Tian Seiji looked indifferent eye opening and said: "In my strength even if you are the queen of a country compared to kill you crush an ant can not be much more difficult "field Seiji sighed softly watching Lin Feng said: " ; it really is with a thorn it is best that part do not pretend that we should not expect things " Lin Feng faint opening: "Do not ask me similar questions and I'll give you power ; but also a trust in you "leave again when the rest of the seven opinions Wu Sheng Lin Feng Lin Feng taken graciously to discuss anything related to Lin Feng Lin Feng exhibit when their power goes well beyond the time even as strong as Wu Sheng also bow admit ; got Lin Feng commitment if the original segment is also moving into the hands of mercenaries mercenary group to move closer to Lin Feng if not Lin Feng received them here is basically cannon fodder exist so people do not have much hesitation Lin Feng has chosen to seek refuge ; these people are really lazy to think about Lin Feng let Tian Seiji figure it out two men were consolidated into one share which was based on many of the mercenary group Lin Feng's most powerful mercenary group "These people do not look for us graciously ; I'm afraid that time is to be against us ah " Lin Feng Tian Seiji came before gently began we are not all the same as you " Lin Feng lips smile with a hint of sarcasm: "Do you think they will leave this forest alive it? ""is suspicious of me ; " field Seiji sighed softly you are very clever " Lin Feng Tian Seiji looked great meaning look gently smiled and said: " do you have to do things better ; "0101 Chapter Mu Qing (one more)next few days time the number of large mercenary group is repeatedly dropped can survive is definitely among the elite of the elite prehistoric mercenary group have dropped to the original three thousand people now seventeen hundred people but it has seventeen hundred people who exudes an aweinspiring murderous ; compared to the previous three thousand people for their continuous combat soaring several grades believe that if they go out Tianqian Mountains strength will also be rapidly improved Lin Feng very casual leaning on a tree close their eyes bunk really can not stand the taste of shit since that skilled are bold ; Lin Feng also not afraid of fighting the beast attacked themselves they far away mercenary group are bunk Lin Feng eyes suddenly opened his eyes eyes peering looked one direction followed by a figure quickly through the trees in front of Lin Feng ; " Lin Feng could not help but slightly surprised subconsciously opening cried portrait most of the year to kill Musharraf himself but soon realized that this man is not Lin Feng Pervez although two people are alike but in front of this guy slim compared to some of Musharraf and Pervez Crazy gas body is extremely rich ; but it is the essence of the front of the restrained giving a mediocre feeling this is just the general feeling but Lin Feng feel ripped body hair are innate to the territory of his feelings for the outside atmosphere is far more than the average person he deeply felt the man body which contains an extremely terrifying energy ; as if the volcano is quiet in general brewing power of terror once the outbreak of the consequences are quite horrible has been far more than a product Wu Sheng peak half a foot into the ground level ; you can call me Mu Qing " Lin Feng man looked up and down and then coldly opening: " that is that the Lin Feng""? " Lin Feng does not deny ; but the cold opening: " surnamed Mu really is enough ah "Mu Qing Lin Feng looked faint opening: "I retreat when I heard Pervez die in your hands originally I was going to wait until after the end of the line section of natural moat mountains to go pick up for you did not think you actually own right at your fingertips ; it seems you really damn it talk nonsense of the" Lin Feng sneer: "Your brother vulnerable I'd like to see you this brother in the end what is so amazing "Mu Qing Lin Feng looked calm opening: " You're not my opponent ; Lin Feng suddenly move shot Aeolus is the fastest legs seeing a silhouette in the moonlight swept rapidly carrying sharp right leg straight Effort Mu Qing chest palms and gently lift ; even ahead of Lin Feng Lin Feng attack blocking the right leg a powerful earthquake chewy whole tree creaking cracking a hard road ruthless burst on the tree open )Lin Feng heart secretly shocked Mu Qing pupil also slightly with a hint of color ; his palms even felt a slight pain this is not an ordinary guy Effort powerful ah Mu Qing looking for a cold he slides his left hand is heard as if a viper general opened his mouth full of fangs fiercely toward arrested Lin Feng's legs ; claws wind before the arrival Lin Feng would feel the calf came a palsy feeling mind could not help secretly surprised quickly withdrew his right leg Mu Qing vicious grip is to Lin Feng's legs to tear open ; see Lin Feng dodge their attacks Mu Qing was not surprised followed by his right hand raised as if dragging a the hill and then gently doubled ; straight Lin Feng Tian Linggai Lin Feng Meng arms cross stand in front of his body but this look is Mu Qing Shen air force moment in the attack and even produced a Lin Feng seems to be a huge mountain to hit feeling ; strong impact severely broke off Lin Feng's back fiercely severing the entire tree bang on the earth ripped a giant pit Lin Feng spit bloodshot eyes looked at Mu Qing sneered: " ; it seems your strength but also that it"Mu Qing could not help but slightly surprised a moment felt really surprised myself this move even though the peak of a product may not be able to Wu Sheng next but it seems to be all right Lin Feng people like just scrape a little skin only ; Mu Qing is not nonsense feet firmly at the foot of the trunk of the stampede suddenly the entire root trunk broken down the middle open like a cannonball general Mu Qing Lin Feng rushing straight hands and fingers gently one ; deep openings: "Erotic claw raging sky Zhao Ying broke off tearing the air to catch the front came a hissing sound Lin Feng's body to be completely wrapped up ; claws wind before the arrival Lin Feng's skin has felt a tearing faint pain nine turn to flesh quality Xuangong felt a slight pain this trick might be imagined then hit the fast at the moment Mu Qing Zhao Ying will appear in front of a large share of the palm shadow ; every palm shadow and Zhao Ying fiercely collide together suddenly there came a bang popping popcorn generally loud but the row of palm head the cloud faster Lin Feng will regain the pros and cons of both sides palms carrying an impulsive raging terror bombardment towards Mu Qing come ; seems to be aware of the bad Mu Qing Lin Feng stepped up their attack power Zhang Shi as a mountain castration as the sea the whole world will be connected to form a piece of mountain and sea ; filled the palm of a sudden it turned into a movie Shanhai rolled up the great waves surging towards Mu Qing depressed to Mu Qing it can only passive defense but it was broken beat Lin Feng opened his own hands protection then countless palm shadow fiercely bombarded Mu Qing's body ; then Lin Feng has been attacking the sixtyfour palm as if suddenly the sound of firecrackers echoed in the general whole forest of them suddenly emerged out of the surface trace of coloray Lin Feng literally blocking the attack Lin Feng Zhang Shi suddenly slightly changed ; the original wave after wave of attack suddenly slows down right palm slightly undulating as if the waves in general an instant hit a group of sound waves a hand of made a stormy sea ; Mu Qing violent pupil contraction up just to feel like this beat is not so masculine on the surface even with a trace of them in the feminine with the masculine feminine and with a trace of terror among Tough firmness and flexibility ; body care Gang Qi Mu Qing crashing between Decrepitation Lin Feng offensive diminished severely hit in the chest Mu Qing Zhang Li throughput integration of yin and yang impulsive terror will be completely destroyed Mu Qing's internal organs ; soon broke out between Mu Qing suddenly roars like a beast muscular body instantly condense together the whole person as inflated balloon in general Lin Feng suddenly felt as if this is an attack to beat up on the plate in general but it is not able to kill Mu Qing ; like a breeze off the general retreat quickly Undera state of shock Chapter 0102 (two more)gently shook hands looked Lin Feng Mu Qing his face still with a faint smile: " ah well to physical fitness you mad after I was able to block the attack ; "Mu Qing face while gloomy just amazing trick very powerful even if he is mad after the flesh quality is also still feel as if the bones are to be smashed in general Mu Qing gentle breath the slightest green light slowly emerges in his body open this green light filled with endless vigor ; even in the Mu Qing slowly healing body injury did not think you have to practice a grudge wood properties double vindictive practitioners? " Lin Feng did not hurry to attack very casual assessment of Mu Qing strength ; Mu Qing see in the eyes heart is cold half Lin Feng performance is too selfconfident selfconfidence represents what emboldened even after their own mad the strength increase several times ; but at the moment he faced Lin Feng but felt a sincere anxiety this is the heart of the magic martial arts one way first beheaded the demons as well as confidence in the firm belief that if I fight with one ;christian louboutin sale I'm afraid even the ability to fight are gone is the pinnacle of a Mu Qing Wu Sheng goods semifoot level have already entered a strong although at the moment of fear but faith is unprecedented firm up ; Mu Qing completely put down the burden of heart spiritual breakthrough even have a faint feeling " Mu Qing Lin Feng looked cold feeling loose bottleneck TV drama Mu Qing suddenly there is a sky roared impulse ; king of boxing circles suddenly emerge covered in a mass of branching red since the promotion of a product Wu Sheng Lin Feng this is the first outbreak of the king of boxing circles ten times the industry has really brought the king of boxing great terror of combat Lin Feng ; but do not make again leapfrog Lin Feng the king of boxing circles effect can only achieve real dollars territory if breaking the Lianqi of God then the king of boxing circles effect it minimal Wang Lin Feng's boxing community to enhance the combat effectiveness is still considerable ; breeze blowing gently so that the entire natural moat mountains brought up a hint of chill Lin Feng took the lead moving up right foot severely trampled earth a group of violent terror ripple burst open ; like a tenmile radius experienced a major earthquake in general Mu Qing Lin Feng already appeared in front of like a shadow leg countless pouring down rain of legs as the wind potential in general this is the storm of the Jedi casserolesized fist crashing burst ; bring out a Unit of terror shadow boxing gas and Lin Feng crazy legs intertwined together the sound of the roaring gas explosion heard two people already played against hundreds of strokes Mu Qing more fighting the more they feel very fun ; cut in addition to demons plus Lin Feng did not show a strong fighting force which makes him great confidence increase waving fists also increasingly have strength Lin Feng right leg like a machete suddenly dropping from the sky generally fiercely drawn ; Pervez backhand blow is struck fiercely heel Lin Feng Lin Feng leveraging a spread upward while turning on the body of a switch fiercely shoot right palm deep opening: "cloud blocks out the sun a trace of black gas bursts open ; it looks as though the whole world was covered up in general Pervez Lin Feng can not see the trail not only can not see even with their superior spiritual sense not feel that this trick but it is the formation of a unique space ; completely cut off from all feeling although see Lin Feng attacks but also by virtue of instinct Mu Qing palm shoot impulsive raging terror broke off as if the whole sky and went to tremble in general ; a black as ink palms in front of him Mu Qing calf suddenly felt drawn Yingjie Lin Feng a trick Mu Qing without antihi fist like a storm moving in general Lin Feng shrouded from ; Lin Feng Zhang Shi slightly changed then quickly take advantage of the avalanche the wind collision fist palm paragraph together which seems to be echoed throughout the woods countless clap of thunder in general two people are a product of Wu Sheng ; especially after stimulate their potential compared to the average peak Wu Sheng is several times more powerful frightening noise or let Jungle Warcraft around all felt a shudder of fear Lin Feng palm slightly doubled the yin and yang of the gas clouds rapidly broke off from the palm ; the yin and yang of the gas quickly converged suddenly emerged out of a black and white Tai Chi Tai Chi diagram slight turn suddenly give people a misty feeling Mu Qing entirely by virtue of their feelings punches fiercely punch ; broke straight void impulsive terror brought up the wind only to plow the earth out of a deep gully Lin Feng already appeared in Behind Mu Qing the boom in the palm of your hand fiercely after heart Mu Qing Mu Qing throat a sweet mouthful of blood will be unable to control the outbreak of open ; if the whole person is generally fiercely bombarded sandbags out at the foot of Lin Fengstop fast legs staggered toward the figure of Mu Qing chase go up countless violent winds converging wave between heaven and earth vast energy toward madness Lin Feng's body come together ; between heaven and earth crazy winds roared roaring Kamikaze Mu Qing shoved a stand deeply felt the power of this trick Lin Feng Wei completely invocation of heaven and earth the power unleashed terror repeat itself ; people do not come in front of their body by countless winds are condensed into the wind Blade has covered the Mu Qing to cut the black and blue Mu Qing only able to make a defensive action Lin Feng's right leg has been severely stepped on his arm Mu Qing clearly heard the sound of broken bones ; and then kicked in the second leg his other arm loud thunders general constantly echoed in the forest among the Mu Qing consciousness has become blurred Lin Feng in the end he did not know how much their next attack ribs have been offering together with fragmentation ; internal organs is to be bombers into pieces throat came a sharp pain Mu Qing strange twist of the neck up but it was all broken neck along with Lin Feng even open Mu Qing suddenly the whole person as a broken line kite generally fall severely hit the big tree tree ; leaving only a half tone an amazing product Wu Sheng exuberant vitality even though the internal organs completely destroyed even though the neck is broken but he is still alive ; although it only takes a few seconds just really dead ) Mu Qing mind without any feeling everything is so quiet so quietly waiting seems a very good feeling ah but is unwilling to violent burning up ; (what I have been practicing for decades as is a breakthrough product Wu Sheng realm there is another glimpse of the realm and now I have not reached that realm )unwilling will drive the Mu Qing's body began his move up the body of a grudge autonomous moving up crazy rushing toward the brain ; the impact of the brain in which the door broke the door which can be opened brain mysterious force to the legendary magician realm 0103 Chapter Advanced? Find a child not mistaken (three shifts)call ; Lin Feng sighed softly and turned around to leave but did not walk a few steps suddenly a thrill of horror among raging momentum they broke off and went to the foot of the earth to tremble ; as if a prehistoric monster wake up in general Lin Feng subconsciously turned and looked Double Vision could not help but slight contraction for a moment only to see Mu Qing actually stood up not a hint of stood up ; a trace of green light is the speed of the moving body wrapped Mu Qing with Mu Qing suddenly came a systemic skeletal slight pops Lin Feng Tiduan those bones he began a little fix up Mu Qing mouth suddenly roar broke out between those enough to let him die a thousand times on the injury turned out to be restored ; it is the law of this world who advanced by a strong no matter how serious the injury as long as the Advanced can restore the body's injury advanced here is simple advanced but from people in order to order a full span a bit before the birth of this order ; not contrary exists Mu Qing also seems to react blankly looking at his hands seems to not believe everything in front of the general soon the sky and laughing: "Ha ha ; I finally broke through finally broke through "Mu Qing at the moment seems to have exited the mad state but one eye is blood red body momentum increased rather than decreased ; covered with strong muscles more closely Mu Qing deeply felt that they have now between heaven and earth to generate energy unique ability to communicate foot slight movement Mu Qing suspension would have been up to so strange suspended in the air laughing a few sound ; Mu Qing Lin Feng's eyes fell upon gloomy opening: "Boy it really is unfortunate ah you drag your blessing I finally taken the final step to reach the rank of how you want to die? ; really a ridiculous thing ah " Mu Qing Lin Feng looked contemptuously: "If you obediently lying on the ground pretending to be dead or still escaped it is your own death wish for trick just might seem good do you want to try again ; " Mu Qing Lin Feng directed hook the hook fingers heedless of the opening: " I'll give you a chance god of wind roaring " Lin Feng roar heard ; the people once again turned into a wind roll up a terrible storm clouds then speed toward Mu Qing rushed past continuous tens Mu Qing foot severely kicked the whole body vital But even ifMu Qing is unconcerned ; let Lin Feng attacks enough mountains cracked stone attack attack the Mu Qing's body but it is like a pebble dropped into the sea which is not even brought up the slightest waves ; Lin Feng foot room suddenly a slight movement roaring kamikaze offensive suddenly shoved a change forces such as thunder run a violent riot world of strength and instantly emerged an amazing strength Mu Qing severely kicked in the chest ; seem to feel the power of this trick Mu Qing's face could not help but slightly changed shoved mouth breath chest swelled suddenly between this trick is not God but the wind roaring last resort resolutely Aeolus legs ; even reached a cheap magician is Mu Qing's strength is difficult to contend Vaillant but it is given directly to the Mu Qing kick to the chest dent into it Mu Qing pupil contraction slightly up a blood raging burst open Lin Feng first step gently ; quickly stepped back did not think you actually have to retain such a trick but now you probably do not have enough strength to deal with me now " Mu Qing lips gently wiped the blood of his injuries and do not show it so serious Lin Feng hit him in the moment he is soon put to the chest muscles unite ; it was among the chest congestion to spit it out you should also eat me a trick up " Mu Qing ha ha laughing foot slight movement Lin Feng suddenly in front of a flower Mu Qing already appeared at a distance of less than three meters from his own ; burst out of the moment turned instantly swell up fist in this moment like the size of a full tank and snapped exploding ; as if thousands of sheets tendon bow opt to put strings in general very stout fist as if a dark cloud is generally fiercely towards Lin Feng bombers to roaring force bursts for general weapons are concerned Shenjin pull the bone are a normal thing ; doing so can greatly broke out in their own strength but in any case Shenjin pull bones their bones will not have any change to do more to increase two thirty centimeters of change as they are now absolutely impossible fist tank than even stout ; This is the power oftoorder magic times of the surgery Lin Feng just half a step back a little and that would have been fist landed on him Zheyi almost covered his entire body ; as if suddenly Lin Feng shells crashed into a large general fiercely cliff among the numerous gravel crashing down submerged Lin Feng figure " Mu Qing recovered random fist as if to do a trivial thing in general in his opinion Lin Feng bombers must have been a mess ; not even a residue remaining which is the the strength of selfconfidence confidence in their own realm an outrageously terror blast broke open gravel around the sky one by one ; and after an invisible force to ground into a powder tiniest of them floating in the air " It's back to turn up pupil contraction Mu Qing Lin Feng at the moment the whole body exudes a glaucoma three feet off the ground it is then suspended in midair ; This is your attack you " Lin Feng gently bomb the bomb the dust it do not care about the opening: "is not how it ""You have reached this state " Mu Qing could not help but suck down a cold lump ; " Lin Feng Tan Tanshou said: "I just help the force it but the face of your attack I just relied on the strength of his own flesh only although by a little injury but it can not really beat me ; "Mu Qing long breath watching Lin Feng said: "Well you really did not expect to actually Zibaojiamen admits ah give you a good lesson the face of the enemy ; do not put their cards Oh exposed for a reason " Lin Feng hint of a chuckle: "That is absolute power I believe that you will not live through today even if it is to let you know that it does not matter ; Lin Feng hands gently together then spit out the cold words: " "FY 0104 Chapter collusion Maha immeasurable (one more)FY combination it can be said Lin Feng ; without use of the flag of the strongest gossip trick row clouds palm Cloud impermanence Storm forcefrom heaven but heaven and earth force one of the most direct manifestation enough to Armageddon ; that the NEW YORK Maha immeasurable as if shedding generally rapid rotation opt for whole body one hundred and eight thousand pores open a Unit of clouds associated with the violent actions Lin Feng roll up Windblend with the surrounding clouds ; and instantly they formed a vast expanse of the tornado This tornado straight into the sky is like a pillar of days stay in general world aura of violent riots which continued into the tornado terror among stocks ; soaring up the entire tornado rapid Wei heaven and earth oppression Mu Qing's heart so he's breathing becomes difficult " Mu Qing roar loudly ; fists embodied energy of a Unit of terror towards the crazy tornado hit punch punch attached bloody energy group constantly in the air distortions and then turned into a myriad of hideous evil howling directed at the white tornado rushed ; but not near that huge tornado winds from the periphery of these hideous evil spirits would have been to tear into countless fragments it is fully integrated into the tornado tornado which absorb these forces but more grow up a small trace of thunder lightning Zizi emerge do not know when skies were brewing a Unit Purple Thunder ; Thunder shouted thousands of shining electric snake roll lightning in the sky as if it was a tornado which generally attract lightning tornado severely bombers into them originally a vast expanse of tornadoes in this moment ; it was turned into a tornado filled with purple arc which is a tornado of lightning is more like a full tank stout which is the birth of a wave of terror force of attraction flowers and trees surrounding uncontrolled surging toward a tornado comes then torn into a thousand pieces ; countless Jungle Warcraft run wild they instinctively feel a touch of deep fear fear of being this horrible energy to spread to Mu Qing Xiangyebuxiang turned and ran Lin Feng in his opinion this move is absolutely explosive tricks ; just to survive this period of time the storm will have to stop but he guessed wrong the situation is not so simple collusion the power of this trick ; completely transcended the scope of weapons as long as the aura around the world without a break then the power of this move will never stop the concept is completely detached Wu a lightning suddenly between them from huge tornado broke out ; turned into a giant palm arrested fiercely towards Mu Qing Mu Qing Meng turned around right fist drilled speed: " Wild meteor "blow fiercely hit that turned into a huge lightning palm to Mu Qing forces now generally lightning for him and not much damage but just touches this lightning moment ; hair infinitely close to Super Saiyan though a lightning break but her body is numb extremely short lost the ability to move " Lin Feng Leng Heng is a huge hand from the tornado were drilled ; one will seize Mu Qing's body and then pull back fiercely Mu Qing whole people will drill into this horrible tornado which has not yet entered a tornado Mu Qing body clothes would be completely burst open wind is not moving in a direction of rotation but staggered from each other Countless twist direction ; feeling as if there is a myriad of hands from numerous directions put people to tear into numerous fragments in general In addition to the wind thunder and lightning Mu Qing mouth crazy roar broke out ; the body of a grudge Do not run up life trying to cut off this terrible lightning storm But the more he released a grudge this tornado is absorbed their grudge sooner so the short time he would have been pumping grudge clean ; "I am not willing ah "Mu Qing mouth broke out loud roar unwilling finally reached such a state but it lasted only a few minutes Mu Qing wasted step whole people have been torn into countless fragments ; into the wind and scattered coke how to stop this thing? " the moment has no time estimate idea Mu Qing Lin Feng heart because he found that this trick actually can not stop himself situation collusion can automatically learn this trick world aura ; along with the passage of time this move will only increase the power but when the power reaches a certain level when they were released inability to master this trick this trick " Lin Feng crazy growled ; infuriating speed reversal seems to abort continue to operate this trick if it can be done earlier this trick Lin Feng has reached a level of power can not be reversed it " dramatic contraction of the pupil arose between Lin Fengn FY collusion among the trick is to have a safe area which in this security zone ; the situation Combination of energy and will not hurt the Emancipator himself this safety zone is reduced speed but a few Lin Feng seconds would have been close to the body the wind listen to my orders Lin Feng in the hands of the flag waved ; just a tornado watch or even riots began to dissipate up a little bit Lin Feng summon gossip flag or late sharp knife fiercely towards Lin Feng hit Lin Feng upper and lower body suddenly left countless scars fortunately tornado dissipated power greatly reduced ; Mu Qing Lin Feng's much better than the fate Lin Feng is like a broken line kite generally fiercely fall to the earth Gods finally understand why buy two get one and this trick is not just to kill the enemy it is to their own little life ; if not their own refining made the gossip flag even his own life can not hold ah unless it is to reach a more powerful state otherwise this trick collusion or do not use the situation better Lin Feng turned a painful body ; upper and lower body just felt burning pain could not help but groan of pain deep opening: "Gods give my body to repair stout extremely fast in the white shining Lin Feng who consumed more than six thousand merit points ; along with nine turn Xuan Gong practitioners Lin Feng's body is certainly getting tough but the repair rate is greatly slowed it even merit points needed repair also greatly enhanced Chapter 0105 Destination darkheaded dragon (two more)silently returned to their camp ; and Mu Qing's just a war has caused many people's attention but no one dared to close the two several times in the peak of the strong fighting not want Wu Sheng look to see even if it is a product Wu Sheng looked far only two people war especially when Lin Feng erupted last resort when the presence of people could not help secretly glad that ; thanks to the original is not close only to be torn even his mother did not know second day they continue to leave do not know because Lin Feng and Mu Qing war's sake this area became quiet for all but the speed has increased enormously ; way seven Wu Sheng look gloomy do not know what to think about things Lin Feng psyche despise these seven guys timid really do not know how they practice martial product to a holy realm consecutive road to catch a day ; just come up in the hands of Don map gestures a bit distance then there half a day away we went to the"heard the news people could not help but long breath but soon there is one furrowed brow ; because it means they are here to come inside moat mountains but a product of entrenched Wu Shenglevel World of Warcraft here They are not at ease with each other or themselves who can not really put back delivered to whom do not make a formation ; a little later I'll send you back " short break directed Fu Lin Feng told Sirius Road and now he has begun to numb Lin Feng whenever he thought he touched the cards when Lin Feng Lin Feng has been reached but found he could only look up to a height of ; gradually close destination a hint of coercion shrouded in everyone's mind although at the moment are in a darkheaded dragon production period but the dragon after all is the most powerful whole continent Seirankai One creature ; born Wei has not decreased with decreasing strength has come in a range of Wei" Don just frowning opening: "Up to three thousand meters we will find the darkheaded dragon Don paused just slightly: "Gentlemen next will depend on the ability of everyone " shouted the remaining six Wu Sheng nodded: " ; their ability to see this is before we say good beforehand without further ado took the lead and walked toward the depths of the forest Lin Feng will appear in the top of a mountain ; Lin Feng suck down a cold lump which is a kind of bioah Lin Feng ever seen countless fantasy novels also played countless games but never a moment like now shocked ; This is a fullseveral kilometers long dragon her body was covered with thick scales behind a pair of thick long meat wings very casual attached to the body at the moment the dragon are lying there ; seems to be a hill in general were growing on the neck with two huge head eyes dark golden lanternsized "This will be only the Wu Sanlevel dragon? " Lin Feng sudden urge to have a curse: "This dragon who broke out of momentum than the original yellow on the number of times more powerful just damn ; Information provided by the day I really should drag him round burst chrysanthemum a hundred times Lin Feng turned and ran his speed was originally soon now that the seven Wu Shenggang just to catch up ; they will see Lin Feng speed of escape could not help but opt €or a moment followed by the whole earth trembled violently followed by seven foot Wu Sheng also felt the earth shook violently then shoved in front of a black ; an enormous shadow completely covered the entire sky One of the most powerful speciesSeirankai continent is just one of terror is spreading its wings pressure as if oppression is charged with seven Wu Sheng General witherite roaring wind Lin Feng is this is an exception ; is itself the power to run with the wind and this strong pressure not help Lin Feng did not form the slightest pressure but let Lin Feng speed faster and you are here for the seventh wave mankind " huge sound erupted from the darkheaded dragon's mouth among them ; and the sound of thunder the sound of buzzing around constantly so that rocks rolled down come " Don just barely looked up at the dark sky above the twoheaded dragon "meaning is very simple socalled dragon egg production news just spread out the news just my stupid human ah ; Do you have no thought about why humans do not come to me strong dragon eggs to win it? the crowd could not help but opt €or a moment it is absolutely comparable to the strong order of human existence and as time goes on more and more powerful Dragon combat only ; this puny humans like you would not know one hundred family covenant relationship with you and no nonsense this is the time to enjoy your flesh really looking forward to ah Wu Sheng flesh of a product devoured your Manner ; my strength would have substantial growth "dark dark goldenheaded dragon Double Vision keeping a close eye on top of the seven weapons holy land easily removed with a sledgehammer facing one of the darkheaded dragon head fiercely struck up huge hammer suddenly broke out between a group of terror flame Don just like a whole person crazy big windmill spinning in general ; the flame in the hands of a sledgehammer on Chi Chi's is burning and then his hands shoved in a loose huge hammer directed at darkheaded dragon's head fiercely boom up flames fiercely bombarded meteor hammer to the head on a dark twoheaded dragon her body flashed fire ; do not order the muster own speed Fire meteor hammer hit the darkheaded dragon though but this huge hammerheaded dragon of darkness attack seemed to tickle general simply do not play the slightest role a darkheaded dragon head suddenly made a suction between the action ; just still deadly stampede Don just barely the slightest capacity for resistance was breath sucked in front of a darkheaded dragon Tang Gang even have time to send out the sound of screams darkheaded dragon's teeth in a staggered slightly Tang Gang's body will be the mountain of debris ; a roll of the tongue this confidence comes a product Wu Sheng will completely disappear in this world over remaining six Wu Sheng also felt a deep sense of fear Xiangyebuxiang turned and ran but it's enormous twoheaded dragon of darkness ; but a burst of unimaginable physical flexibility completely Tang Gang's footsteps into the dead can not be in the dead "There is a very fast run " darkheaded dragon mouth slowly chewing food feeling the essence of Wu Sheng into their own flesh and blood ; the huge mouth of the dragon burst out laughing: "But You can not hide "0106 Chapter Doushuai purple fiery demon (three shifts)snort Lin Feng already returned to their camp which his hands shoved a show suddenly octahedral flag palm spread quickly from Lin Feng ; numerous Rune spell sketched above the earth into a Unique Bagua Zhen darkheaded dragon burst into a frenzied roar all the mercenaries could not help but look up and opt for change while Tian Seiji also face upheaval ; no one has felt an indescribable pressure shrouded in heart the strength of the weak is the spot fell to the ground "people who want to die quickly come to me " Lin Feng had pitched just going to go all in one breath but when the rest of the mercenary group to see ; your mind can not help a slight movement directed at the rest of the people yelled Lin Feng if that is the backbone of the hearts of everyone most of the mercenaries quickly around over towards Lin Feng a full ten thousand people crowded together ; extraordinarily messy but at the moment it is unable to manage Lin Feng so much Tian Seiji back to the city once ruled the night Kim Yu Lin and Chris gave me these people manage well " Lin Feng looked threw a glance Tian Tian Seiji Seiji €? Yufu: "This is the communication character ; you can use it to contact Jinlin "field Seiji results Yufu Lin Feng has fast hands and formed a handprint the sky darkened by a little but it is a darkheaded dragon appeared in front of the crowd ; many people Mianrutuse subconsciously raised their weapons Lin Feng immediately growled: "gossip universe heaven and earth diversion Whenpeople do not react ; and eightua array is already moving up Tian Seiji do not react the whole world already converted one position looked around the familiar scenery Tian Seiji heart burst dismay ; even the night birds have returned to the city Lin Feng Tian Seiji subconscious search for traces but empty and no traces of Lin Feng did not come back with them ******deep moat mountains ; darkheaded dragon interesting to see Lin Feng: "I never thought ah you actually there are so many wonderful things that can be separated so far will send people go " Open Road Lin Feng shrugged does not care hear a person a dragon sparring just still hesitant mercenary heart ecstasy since you can leave ; as long as Lin Feng reuse this thing can put them out of this damn place we are willing to swear to follow come with us to leave this place now "one mercenary stumbled Lin Feng came to the side the desire to survive even allow them to suppress the terrible Wei ; a light opening: "I is not never gave you the opportunity is you yourselves did not do a good job Lin Feng upper and lower body suddenly burst into an invisible blast just put all the mercenaries gave pop a few kilometers and then looked up at the dark Lin Fengheaded dragon a light opening: "Thank you all help me solve the seven guys saved me a lot of effort ; "Lin Feng looked at the darkheaded dragon the laughter around then overcast looked Lin Feng said: "how why do not you run away do not you think I'm something with your hands can beat me? ; can not beat always try ah" Lin Feng smiled and said: "how there is no interest when my horse? " darkheaded dragon Hey puzzled for a moment and then flew into a rage: "Damn you actually have to accept the dragon ride ; really is Zuigaiwansi ""Dragon are so bored? " Lin Feng smiling opening: "? when my horse much better in the future may even attain immortality than a beast when much better " darkheaded dragon roar loudly ; two dragons mouth open at the same time a black Breath madness swept toward Lin Feng Lin Feng stature does not move gossip emerges instant blockbuster flag Rune gossip as if a giant curtain blocking the darkheaded dragon general attack ; darkheaded dragon roar loudly Zhang Lin Feng toward two Xuepentaikou fiercely bite from Lin Feng growled gossip Rune quickly change the foot up the whole world is completely enveloped in a large gossip runes as if the whole field of natural moat mountains have become inherent Bagua Zhen ; Lin Feng hands quickly form a handprint countless gossip runes quickly alternating with each other then the two chains were quickly drilled from the earth the speed of the twoheaded dragon of darkness toward the head lock to go darkheaded dragon suddenly locked tightly ; "damn thing" darkheaded dragon suddenly feel the power of the chains which in their own power can not be turned off chains torn apart in a short time their every struggle runes will bloom on chains exotic aura greatly weakened their strength ; "gossip Shazhao first one Doushuai purple fiery demon " Lin Feng cold opening the sound is like a large bell in general numerous light intertwined ; gossip Rune moment they form a huge melting pot Doushuai gossip furnace pour a huge stove virtual reality Tai Chi diagram form one to lock firmly put the darkheaded dragon ; are compared with the last time Lin Feng's strength has risen from two products from the product Wu Sheng summoned Doushuai gossip furnace power is also more powerful from all over the stove fire smoke countless purple violet flame will quickly winding down the chain to the darkheaded dragon's neck ; darkheaded dragon suddenly broke out in a shrill screams the power of Intuit stronger crazy darkheaded dragon writhing his neck doing the power of the body and finally torn apart abominable chains to open ; but already numerous purple fire will give yourself completely wrapped up darkheaded dragon broke out a low growl the body quickly becomes smaller Doushuai gossip furnace began to shrink fast forward no matter how darkheaded dragon has never been able to escape the struggle Doushuai gossip furnace combustion ; by virtue of their tyrannical ** darkheaded dragon is still energetic unlike the original Huang Gang did struggle a few hung up Black Dragon purgatory kill ; the darkheaded dragon roar broke out two mouth roar broke out simultaneously crashing mouthful of black flames were ejected from the mouth and eventually even the formation of the two claws Black Dragon facing the purple flames rushed up fiercely ; purple flames and black flames entangled with each other who can not do nothing Tusita purple fire is quite strong but the darkheaded dragon Tiamat purgatory kill but also condense their natal burst out of Pearl Shazhao to Lin Feng's strength is not enough to truly purple fire broke out Doushuai example darkheaded dragon actually lived Yingkang Lin Feng attacks ; taking advantage of two flame each other strife when darkheaded dragon roar loudly fiercely towards the two leading gossip furnace furnace wall hit up fireplace suddenly trembled violently cracked a road above the fireplace tiny cracks darkheaded dragon seems to have realized that this is his most critical moment ; the two head to the fireplace to life in a harsh collision fireplace crashing explosion darkheaded dragon fiercely out of the fire her body is scarred by flames raging over the place smelling odors one Chapter 0107 Qingping magic sword to punish the murderers of God (one more)call ; darkheaded dragon breathing panting over the long face also appeared out of touch survivors face apparently shocked to Lin Feng is not a light one is superior and it finally felt the threat of death "you this humble human beings " darkheaded dragon four longan keeping a close eye Lin Feng Lin Feng to wait for them to kill on the spot you do not want to kill me ; I do it only in selfdefense " Lin Feng gently fanned hand smiling opening: "how " darkheaded roar loudly instant blood spewing ; barely depressed hearts of anger darkheaded dragon keeping a close eye Lin Feng: " you have to pay for your actions what is it you think you something? " Lin Feng unceremoniously scoffed ; darkheaded dragon does not know what took out a dragon egg Lin Feng could not help but slightly surprised surprised and said: " really a dragon egg ah move to the darkheaded dragon Lin Feng could not help but surprise ; he turned to one of the dragon eggs swallowed from the darkheaded dragon's body broke out in a terrorist group Black gas gas lingering among black darkheaded dragon body injury in a visible recovery with rapid speed it has been restored to the peak moment state ; in the middle of its two heads even regrow a head darkheaded dragon's body once again soaring several kilometers long body body scales more closely firm ; six subemerge with icy eyes shine and a horrible person extremely oppressive " Lin Feng pupil contraction slightly up at the moment the darkheaded dragon momentum unleashed several times more powerful than the just beyond "This is how one thing children? ; " Lin Fengheaded dragon in shock at the dark eyes eye emerges out of touch deeply weird "I did give birth to a dragon egg but you do not have the slightest doubt I'm the man ah? " darkheaded dragon ; should not be a threeheaded dragon of darkness Lin Feng looked coldly: "Do you think men can produce it? " Lin Feng suddenly have a feeling of nausea "You're bisexual people do " dark threeheaded dragon looked extremely angry Lin Feng cold opening: "This is our family's dark Kuzuryu evolutionary way ; when we initially with the average of the Black Dragon is the same but we had a unique ability and that is the body of the dragon gas crystals together as one to form a new dragon eggs I swallowed Wu Sheng is for the birth of my flesh Fengyun dragon egg let a perfect state ; then I will be able to evolve into a dark three dragons dark three dragons keeping a close eye Lin Feng: "But I did not expect is that you actually have the ability to kill me although this evolution is not perfect but it only needs to consume some time to slowly nursed back to health but you get a small flag this octahedron can be considered unexpected harvest ; ""nonsense really is a multiah " Lin Feng indifference began " dark three dragon roar three leading simultaneously opened his mouth as if to tell the injector combustion general Lin Feng came toward madness ; this flame purgatory than just the Tiamat kill not know how many times stronger really is the power of infinity gossip Rune shine again as if a wall is generally stand in front of Lin Feng the flame jet was shouted Dangxia shine gossip runes each other ; gradually produced an enormous attraction all the flames to engulf them dark threeheaded dragon pupil could not help but intense close up:? how could still block? This is your Shazhao" Lin Feng took a deep breath and smiled ; dark threeheaded dragon ""You can call me Demos this name will be kill your name " dark three dragons 'Demos' cold look at Lin Feng "My name is Lin Feng ; remember this name in the future will be your master Lin Feng right hand and shoved a mention add energy gossip flag "ten thousand merit consumption blazing white light shining on the Gods ; closely followed by the gossip surrounding energy burst open again Lin Feng took a deep breath raised his right hand gently smiling: "nosy Shazhao second measure punish God Qingping killing magic sword ; thousands Rune shine up quickly Lin Feng right hand grasping the void the combination of gossip runes each other and then a sharp sword will appear in the void God punish killing demons Qingping sword ; the supernatant Lingbao Tongtianjiaozhu sword holding a sword Qingping darkness three dragons Demos do not react when I felt one of them came a piercinglike skull pain were rolling a huge head rolled on the earth ; they easily cut off one of its skull completely disproportionate to the scene it seems to be an ant holding a toothpick put a person's head to be cut down in general ; red the entire piece of land Demos suddenly felt passage of his forces which took hundreds of years to be condensed out of the essence of Lin Feng sword to cut off gently Demos suddenly felt a deep despair Lin Feng's attack did not end ; Demos still grieving Canhao just another head felt a sharp pain came again leaving only the newborn out of the skull the skull is also the weakest Demos several kilometers long that body plop kneel at the end of shirt ; so he goes by sharp force the whole dragon threw himself on the ground now are you willing to do when my horse? " Lin Feng gently raised his sword point on Qingping Demos forehead but noble dark Maronite ; the future could evolve into a dark nine dragons exist how will surrender to you? Dark Dragon definitely not let you "nine dragons stubborn dark watching Lin Feng their eyes filled with unyielding ; Dragon is really very expensive " Lin Feng Qingping sword smiling away the opening and said: "But I'm really curious are also able to resist my means "watching Lin Feng smile Demos involuntary shivering ; 0108 Chapter straitjacket (two more)Gods exchange straitjacket Lin Feng smiling converted a magic spell magic at the hands of Lin Feng quietly chanted a spell suddenly in the hands of inhibitions quickly expand open then set in the rest of the skull above the Demos ; " quilt on such a thing Demos although I do not know what it is but obviously this is not a good thing Lin Feng smiling opening: "So now you still decide Demos improper my mounts? ; " Demos Lin Feng looked cold "I'll give you a chance " Lin Feng smiled and began "ten chance to even think about " Demos keeping a close eye Lin Feng ; Lin Feng did not fear it make any move then palms clasped together read out: "Namo Amitabha ah "mouth and then quickly recited a spell Demos suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head came just feel hoop head waves emitted strange fluctuations ; he began to tighten quickly and continuously tightening put his head as if down to Le General if just locking the words There's nothing but that is not otherwise a customer oh energy direct investment depths of his soul like a soul tearing pain came ; Demos pain clutching his head rolling on the floor only to collapse of the entire mountain range to the pressure off Canhao mournful sound echoed throughout the mountain range which you in the end for what I've done ; the hoop in the end is what? " Demos take advantage of Lin Feng stopped while two huge paws fiercely clutching hoop is you want to tear off the head it is regrettable that this hoop taken root in general seems to be locked firmly on his head ; "this thing called magic " Open Road Lin Feng smiling: " how the taste of the owner to listen to sounds pretty good I think about it do not read it " Demos fiercely roar of the right paw raised ; then this one caught Lin Feng's head fiercely grabbed Lin Feng lips fretting suddenly from the depths of the soul that pain again broke off only the Demos to pain rolling on the floor Lin Feng spell stop ; really wanted a full Demos good let him know that the owner of his own strength even if it is determined to yell for mercy which is really painful ordeal magic this is a good thing ; to be on the haughty arrogant monkey enough but physically very weak Zang is relying on this thing stunned the large Luo Jin Sin repair for the monkey to pick up the lesson but Lin Feng exchange out as fake replacement of magic magic monkey could even get on the ground to the whole ; you can also stay in the past " Lin Feng was secretly called cool original amount of abuse people not feeling ill dragon is so cool Demos painful than Canhao ; suddenly asked foul smell coming from one show but it is incontinent of the Demos Lin Feng is no longer excessive force Demos stop staring spells Demos said: " you may now willing to be my horse ; " Demos weakly began he really do not want to continue to bear the kind of soul tearing pain torture means dragon is too much Open RoadLin Feng smiling: "That's good that I hear the sound of the master ; selfesteem from the Maronite proud that he has not let down a dragon knight in this world but also are young dragon knight dragon eggs from when he started training adult dragons are extremely proud ; a stone pit in the stinking hard But all this is not a problem in Lin Feng seems It is impossible thing the monkey will not work Demos still not looking at the meaning of the opening ; Lin Feng mouth piece will have to remantra this look can be put Demos to scare a death hastily opening exclaimed: "Master I am willing to follow you " Open RoadLin Feng smiling: "That good thing ; Lin Feng in his right hand and gently press on the Demos forehead Gods repair function is activated Demos was quickly cut off the head of the place to start healing scab Demos deeply feel the magic of them but he also felt a deep recession own strength significantly degraded from strength to order a product directly to the forces of Wu Sheng ; kilometer long body becomes only about one hundred meters the body is terribly weak drop him uncomfortable during this period of death Lin Feng later you can be is my horse definitely not illtreat you ; gently patted the head of Demos " Demos weakness began but my mind was secretly wondering he is not trying to secretly give Lin Feng suddenly as long as this kid does not own incantations headache Lin Feng smiling opening: "Another point ; you can always feel your thoughts about me if you want to secretly give me all of a sudden the results of my life This idea is certainly very good but I advise you to scrap the whole idea of €t this time I'll spare you ; if then there next time I promise to let you hurt a tough battle I'm afraid to scare the wits Demos " Demos honestly began " Lin Feng smiling opening: "Rest assured ; not that two heads do a year later I will let you grow back even if the future is a breakthrough in the domain of God? is not a difficult thing to do Demos touches some believe ; Lin Feng has shown far more magical than he can imagine knuckles gently squeezed Lin Feng looked at Demos smiling opening: "? I heard you like to collect the Dragon gold and silver jewelry this is really something ; "Although it did not want to admit it but Demos have to admit this new owner is really insatiable his hundreds of years to finally accumulate wealth against a blank which was the gold and silver jewelry so all of a sudden people to evacuate it ; Lin Feng also discovered a rich collection of Demos and even now the money as dirt Lin Feng is also extremely shocked of which there are many sophisticated armor and magic as well as numerous magic weapon Lin Fengthese things are irrelevant ; but to Tian Seiji to sprucing it prehistoric mercenary group may really rich first chapter over 0109 (three shif ; .
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