Below please find the current Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission's Regulations for the Review Zone of the D&R Canal State Park (Adopted May 2009). They are made available as PDF files that can be downloaded for either viewing or printing purposes. The document can be downloaded in its entirety or by specific chapter.

Regulations In Its Entirety
Regulations for the Review Zone of the Delaware and
Raritan Canal State Park, Seventh Edition ~ 2009

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Regulations By Subchapters

File Size: 22KB
SUBCHAPTER 1: Regulations for the Review Zone of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

File Size: 20KB
SUBCHAPTER 2: Applicability

File Size: 10KB
SUBCHAPTER 3: Application and Review Procedures For Individual Approvals

File Size: 12KB
SUBCHAPTER 4: Individual Approvals

File Size:8KB
SUBCHAPTER 5: General Provisions For General Permits

File Size: 13KB
SUBCHAPTER 6: General Permits

File Size: 6KB
SUBCHAPTER 7: Adjudicatory Hearings

File Size: 7KB
SUBCHAPTER 8: Stormwater Runoff and Water Quality
Impact Review

File Size: 22KB
SUBCHAPTER 9: Stream Corridor Impact

File Size: 10KB
SUBCHAPTER 10: Visual, Historic and Natural Quality Impact

File Size: 11KB
SUBCHAPTER 11: Traffic Impact

File Size: 6KB
SUBCHAPTER 12: Waiver of Strict Adherence To Review Standards

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File Size: 9KB
SUBCHAPTER 14: Severability

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