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What It Was...
Canal House is a picturesque old home of honest masonry and stone, bordering the historic Delaware and Raritan Canal at Blackwells Mills in Franklin Township. Built in the 1830s (as was the canal), it was home for generations of bridge tenders, whose job it was to open the swing bridge when canal boats came through. When the last occupant died, a group of interested residents formed the Blackwells Mills Canal House Association, leased the house from the State (owners of the building) and began to restore the historic structure. Canal House lives again and serve the community in new ways.

What It Is Today...
Today Canal House opens its doors to the public and plays host to several events such as craft and antique shows, art exhibits, flea markets, plant sales, holiday events, children's programs, nature walks, community clinics in canoeing, fishing, cooking, furniture repair and much more! It also serves as a museum and library of canal history.

Calendar of Events for 2015
Listed below are upcoming events you will enjoy in 2015
(To Be Posted Soon):

NOTE: The Blackwells Mills Canal House is located in the Franklin Township section of Somerset at the intersection of Blackwells Mills Road and Canal Road. (598 Canal Road, Somerset)

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