• BE ADVISED: The towpath bridge over the Swan Creek in Lambertville is CLOSED INDEFINATELY. The structure is UNSAFE TO CROSS. If heading southbound, visitors are asked to EXIT THE TOWPATH AT THE LAMBERTVILLE MUNICIPAL COURT PARKING LOT and proceed to South Union Street. Make a right onto South Union and go two blocks. Make a right onto Mount Hope Street and re-enter the towpath at Cavallo Park. If heading northbound, visitors are asked to EXIT THE TOWPATH AT CAVALLO PARK AND PROCEED UP MOUNT HOPE STREET. Make the first left onto South Union Street, go two blocks and then walk through the City of Lambertville parking area to re-access the towpath.

  • NEW: With the help of Google Maps, see the exact locations of the available parking areas for D&R Canal State Park - CLICK HERE.

  • NEW: Make sure to check out the BLACKWELLS MILLS CANAL HOUSE CALENDAR OF EVENTS through JULY 2015! Click here to see all the offerings at the historic canal house in Somerset.

  • BE ADVISED: A dredging project is planned for the D & R Canal from Kingston to Amwell Road at East Millstone. This extensive project (administered by NJ Water Supply Authority) is slated to begin in 2016 and may take up to two years to complete. Click here for details about this project.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Park users, campers, hunters and all visitors to the D&R Canal State Park are asked to call 1-877-WARNDEP if they require the assistance of our State Park Police. Please do not hesitate to call AT ANY TIME if assistance is needed. In the event of a life threatening emergency we ask that you please call 911. And as always, we ask that the public contact our office to report any fallen trees or other obstructions encountered along the length of the path. ENJOY THE PARK AND BE SAFE!

  • Thanks to the volunteer work done by JORBA, we are happy to offer our park users a TRAIL MAP FOR THE SIX MILE RUN RESERVOIR SITE. Click here to view and download your personal copy. Click here to read more about the expanded trail network at Six Mile Run and JORBA's volunteer involvment.

    Main Park Office
    D&R Canal State Park
    145 Mapleton Road
    Princeton, NJ 08540
    Phone: (609) 924-5705

    Bull's Island Recreation Area
    and Campground

    2185 Daniel Bray Highway (Route 29)
    Stockton, NJ 08559
    Phone: (609) 397-2949

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